I’m Norm Schillawski and I want to share with you the art of photography, help you make beautiful photographs, and let you experience wonderful places with photography.
I’m a traveling photographer, explorer, mentor. Others say I’m a romantic dreamer looking for a happy ending. When my camera is not in my hand, I’m often found helping and teaching others how to be better photographers.

My friends call me a photographer, an adventure, a teacher, and sometimes crazy. I make for you beautiful pictures of nature. I travel finding places for you to learn about and enjoy. You may even add them to places you want to visit. Perhaps you are having a stressful day, I invite you to just take a moment and relax and enjoy one of my photo collections.
I love to spend a few minutes, to dream about a beautiful sunset.  I bet you do too!  You might like to read about one of my treks. When I’m not photographing or writing about these wonderful places, I would like to help you to be creative. I’ve told many fellow photographers and students the only bad photograph is the one you didn’t stop to take.
Wayne Gretzky sums this up very well.
“You miss,” to quote Wayne Gretzky, “100 percent of the shots you never take.”
How can I help you?
Experience this astonishing world with me, join me hiking along the Appalachian trail, feel the cold wind and snow on Whiteface Mountain, or experience the promise of tomorrow as the sun sets in the Gulf of Mexico.
Reading the about page to learn more about me, fair enough.  You might consider downloading this PDF Seven Moments. Yours free in the hopes that we’ll hit it off.
Want to hear from me more often? Get The Photo Trek Journal. I send this out every two weeks or so. No one needs another newsletter, but along with articles about the art of photograph, and experiencing nature, you will get sneak peaks of my new work, and perhaps an occasional rant or rave about something. Just tell me where to send it and I’ll automatically add you to the Photo Trek Journal. You can unsubscribe at any time. Get The Photo Trek Journal.
Join me soon, your adventure awaits…

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